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Using Advanced Analysis and Measurement Techniques

Firma / Organisator Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH
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  • Vergangener Event, On Demand
  • Original Datum: 8. Dezember, 2021

Using Advanced Analysis and Measurement Techniques to Tackle the Tough Noise and Vibration Issues of Electric Machines

Electromagnetic forces can be a major source of unpleasant noise in electric machines. Through all of the development stages of electric machines, simulation and experiments are required to fully characterize their noise vibration and harshness (NVH) behaviors. EOMYS and HBK, have partnered to provide you with a webinar introduction to discuss how each one specializes in their respective domains through e-NVH analysis and simulation, and measurement This presentation is relevant for all engineers involved in the development of electrical machines with NVH requirements.

The presentation will focus on:

  • Introductions of EOMYS and HBK
  • Context and technical challenges
  • Manatee software capabilities to assess noise due to electromagnetic forces at variable speed. Manatee offers a unique, multi-disciplinary simulation and analysis environment of electromagnetic noise and vibrations, from electrical machines conceptual design phase to system-level detailed design phase.
  • HBM Genesis HS noise and vibration data acquisition system with B&K BKConnect software to measure and analyze electrical machines


Ed Green
Principal Consultant

Karine Degrendele
NVH R&D Engineer – EOMYS